AC2U Cleaning provides consumers with the swift, efficient, and reliable service they deserve.

We are AC2U (M) Sdn. Bhd., a Penang-based company that trains air conditioning technicians and cleans air conditioners in residential, commercial, and industrial premises in collaboration with Greenway Air Conditioning and Engineering Sdn. Bhd., another company established by our CEO Steven. Steven is also the founder of AC2U Venture Bhd., an investment holding company that fully owns AC2U (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Since our inception in September 2019, we have become the first choice service provider of 4,500 loyal customers who are attracted to our excellent service and affordable prices.

Core Values

The Values We Stands for


We developed and launched the AC2U mobile application, a virtual platform where consumers can book and pay for servicing appointments.


The service charge for one unit of wall mounted air conditioner by us is only RM120.


We have invented and patented a lightweight, compact cleaning appliance that is small enough to be transported via motorcycle; and precise enough to deep-clean air conditioners without disassembling them.


To maintain our high standards, technicians are only allowed to register and accept jobs on the AC2U application if they have successfully graduated from AC2U Academy where they undergo rigorous practical training.


To revolutionise and dominate Southeast Asia’s air conditioner maintenance industry by deploying cutting-edge technology and producing skilled, motivated young technicians.


Providing aspiring air conditioning technicians with comprehensive practical training and good job opportunities.

Supplying customers with convenient, efficient, and reasonably-priced air conditioner cleaning services.