1. Full Time Work

Increase Your Competitiveness and Earn a Lucrative Salary!

If your qualification is in the field of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), then this is the place for you to look for career opportunities!

Are you over 18 and have completed your SPM? If yes, you can register with us to be an AC2U Academy trainee and receive 3 months of practical training under a seasoned technician.

As long as you have passed all the tests upon completion of the training, the position of junior technician with many promotion opportunities will be available for you. Do not miss this opportunity!

For more information about trainee benefits, click here.

Junior technicians will receive a basic salary of RM2,000 a month and a commission of 5% for each air conditioner unit they clean.

We pay contributions from the Employees Provident Fund (EPF), Social Security Organization (SOCSO), and Employment Insurance System (SIP) for our full time technicians every month as stipulated by the Malaysian government.

Full time technicians can continue to live in trainee dormitories even after starting work with the costs borne by the company.

A motorcycle will be provided for the purpose of commuting between the hostel, AC2U headquarters and customer locations. Full time technicians also receive a travel allowance of RM200.

A set of work equipment worth RM5,000 will be provided. If any equipment in the set is damaged, we will repair or replace it free of charge.

We practice the principle of meritocracy where employees who perform well will be rewarded in the form of promotion.

2. Flexible Employment

Enjoy High Income and Flexible Hours!

The freedom and flexibility to work that comes with the AC2U Partners scheme meets the demands of the young workforce. Without the constraints of 9-5 working hours, you can work flexibly with us provided if you are over 18, completed your SPM and have completed your training with us. Notwithstanding the freedom of freelance work, have no doubt that we don’t short-change you on the income as 90% of it goes to you.

AC2U Partners have to only fork out a RM5,000 refundable deposit. The deposit will be fully refunded after 1 year if the tools are returned in good condition and if the AC2U Partner has taken on at least 200 jobs.

An AC2U Partner’s income is derived directly from service charges. For each air conditioner unit, 90% of the service charge is made the AC2U Partner’s remuneration, while the remaining 10% is kept by us as company revenue.

We are unable to pay EPF, SOCSO, and SIP contributions for AC2U Partners because they are not formal employees. AC2U partners are encouraged to make these contributions themselves.

To meet transportation needs, AC2U Partners can rent motorcycles from us provided they bear the cost of petrol themselves.

3. Industrial Training

We aim to create employment opportunities for youths throughout Malaysia. Our intention is to stop the stigma that says vocational stream is only students’ last resort but rather, it is an ideal preparation for many TVET careers which are in high demand and pays as well as professional jobs.

TVET educational institutions that are interested in creating better job opportunities for their students may contact us to enrol their students in AC2U Academy, our in-house technician training centre, completely free of charge. During the training period of 2 to 12 weeks, trainees enjoy access to various facilities such as:

Free Accommodation 

Comfortable dormitories with furniture sets, electricity and water supply, and internet access for free.

Living Allowance

RM1,500 per month in line with the Minimum Wage Order 2022.

Please reach out to us to discuss on future collaborations. We are open to establishing formal training-to-employment pipelines as well as conducting one-off roadshows to attract interested students.